I’m a photographer based in south east London, specialising in portraits of pets and people, and I produce high quality images that you can treasure for many years to come.

Photography is something I love and choose to do. I started 9 years ago - it was just a hobby at first but very quickly became a passion of mine and I spent every spare moment learning everything I could about how to take good pictures, the technical aspects and how to use a camera properly. I have an artistic and dramatic style which showcases the contrast between light and shadows, and I use different palettes of colour which compliment each other to give different moods and emotions.

I started selling my landscape and wildlife work as large framed prints and had my images twice displayed on the cover of The Royal College of Pathologists’ Bulletin publication that goes out to 8,000 pathologists worldwide. I then decided to learn about portraiture and really enjoyed engaging with people and providing them with unique images that they loved. Getting to know the personality of a subject and projecting this is the key to a successful photoshoot. Of course, this also applies to cats and dogs!


  • I offer sessions for individuals or families: this could be mum, dad and the kids; sisters, siblings, teenagers, grandparents with their children and grandchildren; or maybe a family portrait that you can give to your grandma as a birthday present? Perhaps you wish to remember a moment in time like an engagement, or when you were expecting your first child, or when your baby was just a few weeks old. Perhaps you need high quality images to promote yourself - you might be as aspiring musician, singer, actor/actress, fashion model, dancer, fitness instructor or athlete. Or maybe you want a corporate headshot for your organisation, or an event or function captured.

  • I offer photoshoots for your precious 4-legged friends too, especially cats and dogs, but also horses, smaller pets like rabbits and even birds such as parakeets.

  • I will travel to you, which saves you the hassle and expense of travelling to a studio, especially if you have a dog, which will make the whole experience far easier knowing that your pet is in familiar surroundings. I can also do the shoot at your home if you prefer; I have mobile lighting equipment I can bring with me and you can see that many of the images on my website were shot indoors. If you’d prefer to meet somewhere else that’s fine as well.

  • Unlike many other photographers, I don’t charge you for the session and then separately for the images - my session fee includes 3 high resolution images; each one painstakingly edited, retouched and enhanced to reflect my artistic style.

  • My photoshoot lasts for 3 hours - longer than many other photographers can offer.

  • I will provide the 3 images to you within 7 days of the photoshoot - you don’t have to wait for weeks to receive them.

  • I am reliable, punctual and answer all queries as quickly as possible, normally within 24 hours.

As an author I feel it’s important for me to have a headshot that looks professional, but retains some sense of my personality.

Shane has a great eye for what makes a picture work, and his creative input proved very helpful in getting the best out of the shoot. It can be daunting to have your photo taken, but the relaxed atmosphere and clear sense of direction made Shane a pleasure to work with. Most importantly, the photos look fantastic.  

I would highly recommend working with Shane to anyone looking for high-quality results.
— Laura Mauro, Writer - www.lauramauro.com